Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Night in Paris

...has consisted so far of laundry, grocery shopping, packing and napping. We shouldn't have napped but oh well. Later we might take a walk to the Eiffel tower one more time. We have hotel reservations in Blois...pronounced Blah (like count blah. uh a ha ha)

Is it bad that we are sitting here laughing at that??

Tommorow the plan is to take the train at seven (or eight or nine or we slept in on accident) for a two hour train ride, leave our bags at our hotel, rent bicycles and visit some chateaus. (Chambord, Cheverny and a few others)

So far we have visited the Eiffel tower several times. It is really that amazing. Visited the Arc de Triumph, Arc de la Defense, the Louvre museum, Basilica de Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, Rue Cler market (actually very close to our hotel), taken a day trip to Versailles, walked the river Siene and taken pictures of amazing little details of Paris.

We feel ready to move on, especially now that we have our bags!

Here is a sample of some of the cool things french keyboards can do.


OKAY somehow I just magically switched the keyboard so that it is typing normally (I just can't look at the keys, which I don't look at anyways)

OKAY Jere is complaining about how random my post is probably because he wants to check his email. Good bye and farewell until next time.


dave & rachel said...

Where do you go to do laundry?

I LOVE to sleep in on vacations - that is one of the best parts!

Reagan said...

the front desk man in our hotel sent us two blocks over to a laundry area! it has been great.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i miss having you around!

we are looking forward to this summer with you.

Hey... can danny and rebekah borrow gamecube games. rebekah found one today at a garage sale for a few bucks!

have fun, glad you are now clothed :-), talk to you soon,


rallywhit said...

Here's a great joke to tell before you leave.

How many soldiers does it take to defend Paris?

who knows, it's never been tried!

OK that's really lame, and actually the same could be said about D.C. (although no one has ever tried to attack it before either) Don't ask that to a french person. Please.

Mom said...

Hi, you two!
I love you! I'm so glad you are having fun! But I am so jealous! I loved the castle at Blois. That is where the tour guide told me about their bathroom (Or rather not-bathroom) traditions. Don't worry, they washed the stairs... :)
The kids and I went to be with Aunt Ruthie yesterday at Mercy Hospital in Manhattan for her shoulder replacement. She fell outside on Friday after and had not taken her lifewatch with her.
She was there on the ground until her pastor came home 5 hours later.
I told her I should spank her, but
she asked the hospital staff to get her cane for her so she frightened me off. One of her friends told me I had to stand in line for the privilege of spanking. :)

Anyway, that's our news.

Have a super time and thanks for leaving the blogs.

I love you,