Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cinque Terre

Reagan is now the 13s Grand Champion of the Ultra Verse.

She stole that away from me today. She believes that it is her rightful position.

We are in the Cinque Terre, Today. So beautiful.

Gotta go enjoy the weather. Ciao!

p.s. The main thing that bums us about the camera is that we don't have our pictures. It was a nice camera, but we wanted the pictures. We'd like another camera, but have been moving too fast to figure that out, yet. Cinque Terre today and Florence or Rome tomorrow night. No time to shop.


dave & rachel said...

Go, Reagan!

Jessie said...

We will be ready to challenge when you get back :)

Mary Kemper said...

L.J. is the champion of the Ultra Verse in 13's at our house!!!