Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Nickname

I have always wanted a nickname. Reagan does not afford to be shortened easily (at least to anything people call me naturally, like Reag for instance) least not like my other siblings who all have nicknames basically from when we were kids. There is Rachel who I often call Rach. Joseph who has ALWAYS been called Jodie. Ruth who is actually Ruthie or Rutah. Jamison who has always been Jamie or Binki, Trucks, Spacay and many others, but we settled on Doobs (we still call him that). Anyways I have never had a good nickname that I liked that came from my name. SO tonight I was telling my dad and step-mom my dilema. I have always wanted a nickname. I remember driving in the car telling my dad and siblings this when we first moved to Topeka, 11 years ago. Dad came up with Reggie...too football. Ruby June (my hill billy name from my dad). And some others that weren't to my liking. A girl in highschool started calling me Reago but it's just not really something I could introduce myself to people with. "Hello, my name is Reago." HAHA. Anyways, my dad and step-mom were both thinking the same thing and after several options such as Lola, Beulah, and other charming options they suggested R.A for Reagan Anne just shortened. This has been part of my dilema, is having a nickname that is actually part of my name...THAT I LIKE. So I have decided that I like R.A and could tell people if I wanted - "my name is Reagan, but you can also call me R.A". There.


Marcie said...

You're hilarious! I like it. Hope to see you this weekend.

bandanachick said...

So funny! :)
I feel the same way, always wanted a good nickname. I HATE the name Ruthie, and never let people call me that. I have heard a few people call me that behind my back though (my dear brother-in-law). :(

Jessie said...

:) you are fun