Thursday, November 8, 2007

We're Mates for Life

Jere and I are mates for life. If we weren't we would have un-balanced lives and that would be unhealthy. Here's a few examples.

Jere is very good at this for something he feels strongly about. In most cases, I do not persevere I settle. (Except in the case where I married Jere. I didn't have to persevere because God gave me exactly who I needed). Here's how I know. I am a go-getter who wants to take immediate action and just get it done. Jere likes to ponder, think and sleep on any decision. (Except in the case where we bought Zephyr...Jere saw the little puppy and we bought him approximately 3 hours later). This balances us very well but it drives me crazy because we default on Jere's decision. (It is the naturally smarter choice to wait than jump on something) I would say it's always better to think and ponder things rather than make a snap decision, which I am prone to do. In most situations I do not have the patience to wait and let things happen.

One situation in particular is the issue of the mudding and drywall in our living room. There are ridges. I can see them and I don't care about them. I want to move on. Jere cares and it is something he feels strongly about. I AM thankful for this because if he didn't care, our living room would have obvious faults and bumps in the walls. Unfortunately, I cannot help him correct this problem because I would probably start crying in frustration that I am working on something I have already deemed "done" in my mind.

Another situation is that of cooking. As far as I am concerned, I could stand by the refridgerator and pick things out of jars and whatnot until I am full and call it good (for any meal). Jere on the other hand cares about presentation and sides and a main course and nonsense like that (normal stuff). I try and try and try to do this but it frustrates me everytime. I have better things to be doing than spend an hour (it just takes me a long time) putting something together and then eating it. Thankfully, my husband went shopping last Friday night and bought all sorts of things I would never think of that are delicious and easy to prepare. He cares about these things and while I have tried to care about it I am not there yet.

Where Jere is soooo LAID BACK about things he doesn't particularly care about, I do it because it drives me crazy not to. We each have areas where we are detailed and other areas where we aren't but they always seem to match up so that every area is accounted for.

I am just thankful that even hough I can't always immediately recognize that we're balanced, God knows what's best for me and has given me someone who is adept at balancing me.

This is why we are mates for life.


dave & rachel said...

I liked this. :) Dave and I are that way too...I am detailed oriented, he is a work horse. I have always viewed it as frustrating that we don't see eye to eye on things (like imperfections in the wood trim, things lining up, etc...) but it is good to appreciate how your differences benefit your marriage. Thanks for sharing!