Tuesday, November 6, 2007

House Update

Right now it's really hard to post photos of things because we don't have internet and probably won't for a while. But here's an update on our house...

Living room:
Walls are painted but we're skim coating with mud to make sure ridges don't show. We need to skim coat the ceiling and then paint it with ceiling white paint. We bought flood bulbs for our recessed lighting, so we need to put those in and put the trim on the lights so it looks finished.

Front bedroom (future t.v/lounge room):
This bedroom has been neglected the most. We still only have one coat of mud on the walls. This means we need to put a second coat down and then sand everything (ceiling included). Then we'll prime and skim coat with more mud. After we skim coat we'll paint and see if there are still ridges showing. Hopefully by that time we'll have the process down somewhat! After mudding and taping three other rooms, you would think it wouldn't be as difficult but we're proving that it is apparently! After we paint the ceiling with ceiling white paint, we will install the fan/light that we have had for about two months. :)

Back bedroom (our room):
We had gotten up to the point of painting the walls in this room and still need to skim coat and do another layer of paint. We need to paint the ceiling and install the ceiling fan after that. Also, this room needs to have rods for clothes to hang in the closet.

Right now the bathroom is the most finished room. We worked on it last night and are getting really close to having one finished room in the house! Last night I finished caulking the tub/shower surround and painted the cabinet in the wall with white bathroom paint. Jere put up the towel racks and a small cabinet which sits above the toilet. Tonight we are going to finish the bathroom by sanding and then painting. I love the way it is turning out!

Sunday my step-mom graciously offered to do the laundry which had really piled up and at first I said no...Then when I got home and looked at about 4 baskets of laundry I decided to take her up on it. We have a washer and dryer that came with the house but the pipes connected to them are corroded and Jere didn't want to wash clothes in them until he had replaced those pipes.

Overall we have ripped out all the walls (excluding the kitchen, which will come next), replaced the electrical (Jere is very handy), replaced the plumbing in the bathroom with PEX (Jere is very handy), replaced the whole bathroom, put up drywall (still in progress of finishing) and we're trying to finish painting so we can get the floors done. We have decided on carpet for the two bedrooms and redoing the hardwood floors in the living room/dining area. After the flooring is done and kitchen are done, we will replace the windows. All in all, I keep reminding myself that we have owned this house since June 21st (a little over 4 months) and also went on a 10 vacation somewhere in there...

Sometimes I wonder if people think we're crazy for basically creating a new house, but we got such a good deal that we can replace basically everything which raises the value and still come out on top. I am just wondering if I will go crazy in the process!


shawna said...

so very exciting! If you haven't gone crazy yet, I think you can make it. :) Rex would have had to mop me up off the floor about the time the walls came down.

Lynn said...

I'm excited to see the paint! It's going to look like such a different place :)

dave & rachel said...

No kidding...I would have a hard time being patient with it, I think. You are doing great! And it will be worth it.

Jessie said...

Wow, that sounds great I am excited to see it-I know I would be very anxious. You guys are doing a great job

SanFam said...

So glad to see you guys are making progress! We check in from time to time. It is nice to peek into your lives and see how things are!

MagenRanae said...

I so wish Micah and I had seen the beginning stages. It sure sounds like you've come a LONG way! Keep up the good work!