Friday, September 7, 2007

Bad...Just Bad...

Jere: yeah
oh hey
you know that i love you, right?
you know that i adore you? right?
you are the most beautiful woman in the world
you are sexy beyond any desire i could have
you're hair is great
you're tummy is slim and sexy

me: please...keep showering me with compliments :)

Jere: i love you, reagan
can i go camping saturday night with paul?

(FYI: I had to delete a few compliments because they weren't appropriate for this blog...He complimented me a lot!)

I am just wondering how I fell for something like that!? Probably because he says stuff like that all the time...this time he went just a little further and then asked for something at the end! Does this horrific thing ever happen to anyone else? I feel used... :)


Scott and Lynn said...

too funny - as I was reading this I kept thinking - 'what on earth is meh'? Then it hit me and I started laughing. You two crack me up!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog =D Kristi has been having quite an adventure with those MAC flights, leaving Guam last night to fly into Hawaii, and leaving Hawaii today to fly into Sacramento, Ca, and tomorrow..finally, she will be down here in San Diego! It's a long journey! haha

I don't think I ever shower my wife with compliments in order to do something I want to do..maybe I should start? Does it work pretty good? (seems like it does...)