Tuesday, August 7, 2007

80's Hotel Room

Jere and I felt like we had to post about one of the hotel rooms we stayed in while on vacation. It was very "luxurious, soft and red" (all code for cheesy). Jere and I booked the room on hotwire.com and when we get there it's a motel on the side of the highway. We booked the room with two double beds (all that was left) and so when Jere checked in he mentioned that if they had an available king size bed, his wife would appreciate it. The lady at the front desk obliged him and gave us a room with a king bed.
So we go to our room and Jere opens the door and starts laughing. I said "What is it?" he kept laughing. I say "Jere! What is it?". He made me close my eyes, guided me into the room and told me that I was going to crack up laughing. As soon as I opened my eyes I started laughing hysterically! I haven't ever seen a room like this. It was almost straight out of an Austin Powers movie - with a heart shaped bed!

Mirrors along the back of the canopy covered bed.

Heart shaped mirror above the bed!

Heart shaped tub. (I soaked for over two hours while watching T.V and reading my book...very nice)

Even heart shaped pillows...Has anyone ever stayed in a room like this?!


shawna said...

frightening and funny all at the same time.

and no, I have never stayed in a room like that.

Jeremiah said...

I only have two things to add to this article.

1) I only paid 50 bucks for this room
2) I did no soaking in the tub

MagenRanae said...

That is too funny!!

dave & rachel said...

Yikes...that is scary! :)

rallywhit said...

all I have to say is...

bow chicka wow wow!!!

bandanachick said...

Haha! That is SO funny! I didn't know there were actually rooms (outside of movies) like that around. I definitely have never stayed in a room like that!

Tim said...

I've never stayed in a room like that, nor soaked in a tub like that, but I wish I had.

Blake said...

dear strangers who have stayed in the most amazing hotel room in the world,

please send me information on this incredible room.
My friend and I have a mission to sleep in a heart shaped bed (maybe someday own one) and this room is our dream... tenfold!

where is this glorious hotel room located?!