Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blue Ridge Acres House

The best part of this trip was visiting my old house. I lived in Harpers Ferry, WV until I was twelve. We moved to Topeka, KS in FEB. 1996. Jere and I drove out to Blue Ridge Acres, and I found the house from memory...

The yard didn't look unkept when we lived there, but the lady living there now has had cancer and hasn't been able to do much.

From the beginning, when we decided we were going to visit the areas I grew up, I started praying that whoever lived in my old house would allow us to visit the property and thought maybe they would even invite us in. There is no way I would ever suggest that I explore their house.

We talked to the woman who lives there now and asked if we could just explore the property. At first she was hesitant but then tested me with questions about the house and about when I moved. Apparently, I passed her test and she said we could come onto the property. Once we were down by the house, she said "you can come on inside."

After looking at the whole house and comparing my memories to the way it looks now, I took Jere down the mountain side to where my siblings and I would play. The creek was all dry but only because there hasn't been rain in the area for about a month.
I was elated! It was a very nostalgic moment.


dave & rachel said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Jessie said...

The lady must be pretty nice-that is really neat!