Sunday, July 8, 2007

House Remodeling

Last weekend we tore town a soffit and removed the built in's that were dividing the living room and dining room. I love the new feeling our living space has - it's really open now.
This was where one of the built in's were located. My brother is tearing out all the plaster this week because it is all cracked. We are putting up drywall once the interior is down to the studs. EXCITING!

Jere spent the afternoon tearing down this stone that was in the corner of our living room. It took him several hours as it was attached pretty well!
Only 3/4 more to go!

And all of the stone is gone - YAY!

We'll try to keep you posted on what we're doing!


Marcie said...

Thanks for posting pictures! It sure is a process isn't it? Hope you're able to move in sometime in August.

dave & rachel said...

Looks great, guys!