Sunday, June 3, 2007

1 Year Anniversary!

Well Sunday (6/3/07) was our 1 year anniversary. We went to church and had lunch at church and then went to see Pirates of the Carribean: The World's End. After the movie we went to Panera for dinner, very good. We enjoyed the simple date we had because we have been going and going for the past 2-3 weeks with moving and being out of town and graduating!

We decided to recount everything major in the first year of our marriage:

  1. Cancun for our honeymoon
  2. Went backpacking in Colorado for the first time together
  3. We went to Frontier City Amusement, OK Park with freind's
  4. Gained weight :)
  5. We went to Omaha, NE for a getaway
  6. We overcame/overcoming family issues
  7. My brother Jodie moved in with us in October and stayed until January (4 months)
  8. Held our first Thanksgiving at our townhouse for 11 people
  9. I graduated from college (K.U)
  10. I got a full time job
  11. I held my first babyshower at our townhouse
  12. Paid off some of our debt
  13. In the process of buying our first house
  14. We're selling our car
  15. Jere cut his head open (4 stitches over left eye) while waterskiing two weeks after our wedding
  16. Went to Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp (Thanks bandanachick)
  17. Trip to San Antonio for Both of us
  18. Reagan went to Georgia for Jodie's Boot Camp graduation
  19. Reagan went to Texas twice to visit her sister
  20. Jere went to Arizona for the first time
  21. Jere went skiing with new friends from the chapel for the first time
  22. We went to Hot Springs Arkansas for our first "Romantic Getaway"
  23. We had our first chili party in June

I'm sure there are a ton of other firsts for us but these are the few we could think of - if you can think of any let us know!


bandanachick said...

You went to Turkey Hill for the first time (of hopefully many times:))!
You were such a beautiful bride...I love to see wedding pictures!

Marcie said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, that was a busy first year. Lots of exciting things happening.

Nicole said...

P.S. I realize I'm a bit late, but Happy Anniversary! I had it written on my calendar, but just didn't get to tell you congrats! We miss you! We'll have to get together soon!