Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy, Busy!

Well it feels like I haven't posted in a long time!

The weekend before last, I graudated from The University of Kansas and it was such an awesome weekend...I had a really nice time.

Jere and I have been packing for the past two weeks and putting our things in storage and so all last week was cleaning and packing and packing and storing.

Finally we are done with that and are officially moved in to our friend's house. We are staying with them this summer while they do ministry at camps all over. I am very excited to have internet, cable t.v and a prime location in Topeka for shopping and visiting friend's!

This past weekend we went to a Memorial Day Weekend Family Bible Camp at Turkey Hill Bible Camp. We drove down with our friend's Jeff, Ashlee and Mackenzie...We had a blast! We all agreed we wanted to go back next year if we could.

This week Jere and I are going to San Antonio, TX and we are very excited about taking a road trip. We're going to visit my sister Rachel while we're down there and then come back to celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Sunday.

Monday June, 4 I will start as a full time employee for GLPM Architects, working as a consultant for Payless Shoe Source (which I have been doing for the past year) but it's just different because of pay and the full time status. I am pretty excited about that but also apprehensive because it will mean I can't just leave and go on a trip whenever I want! I have been spoiled with such flexible schedules over the past few years in college.

Overall, we feel very blessed that everything has gone so smoothly and are looking forward to the summer!


Marcie said...

Congratulations on graduating, your new house, and your upgraded job! I am so excited for you guys. Lots going on! Hope we can see you sometime soon, maybe in July...