Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boot Camp - Turning Blue Ceremony

My mom and I left Tuesday night and drove to Columbus, GA for my brother's graduation from Army boot camp. He left January 10th and now he is finished with the basic training part of his contract. The next training he'll receive is in Airborne Training and then onto Ranger Training. His end assignment will be an Army Airborne Ranger if he passes all of the programs.
Today was the Turning Blue Ceremony which signifies that he is now an infantryman. Tommorow is the actual graduation. For now my brother has an afternoon pass till 8pm and we're going to go to a movie:)

The soldiers marched in formation to the ceremony.

The families were allowed to go to their soldier and pin the blue cord to the uniform.

Jodie wanted dad to pin his cord onto his uniform.

Proud father.

Me and my brother.

We are all so proud of him. It's amazing to see such a change in him - not to say that he wasn't good before but at lunch he kept saying ma'am to the waitress every time he addressed her and other subtleties such as his stance and the way he is now. We are just very proud of him:)


Ben Graves said...

Hooray for your brother! Tell him congrats from Kristi and I if you can! =D
Hope ya'll are doing well! <3 from Japan!