Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday's Sweet Activities

Yesterday I went to a women's conference at the Bible Chapel in Shawnee Mission (I think). I went late and stayed for about half of the conference, but was really inspired about what I can do to be a better woman! After the conference, I went to Oak Park Mall with some friends and it was so cool...I have never been to Oak Park Mall, but I love it!

After walking around the mall for a little while we went to a restaurant right by the mall called "Mimi's Cafe". It was really cute. It looks like a little cottage and the interior is really cute too. I had such fun at dinner just being able to talk to my girlfriends about life :) We left the restaurant at about 9pm and they headed home...but I went to CVS!
Earlier this week, I went to CVS in Topeka and bought part of my purchases for the week. The deal that I did was a wide variety of things including toilet paper and the Topeka CVS didn't have any toilet paper left when I went. Because of this, I had decided to go to a CVS in Kansas City yesterday (Saturday) because I was already going to be in KC all day.
I went to the CVS at 75th & Metcalf (which is open 24 hours). They didn't end up having any toilet paper so I bought some other things for the deal. When I got up to the register to check out, I had to buy a pack of gum so that I could use my Extra Care Bucks and my total ended up being $.59. I had been planning to use my debit card, then realized the total was so small and started to fish around in my coupon folder for rebate money I put back towards deals...As I am fishing around for some change (up to this point it has taken about 10 seconds) and the clerk reaches into his pocket and says he would pay for it! I said "are you sure?!" and he was just like - "oh yeah, I got it". I was pretty excited because I bought the rest of the things for my deal, a pack of gum and the clerk paid for my total...SWEET!


shawna said...

That is hilarious! I think that is the best cvs story I have heard!

Kelly said...

Reagan, It was really good to see you at the conference on Saturday! Thank you for your thoughts during our time together on Proverbs 31...I thought it was time that I de-lurked myself on your blog!! :-)

dave & rachel said...

I love it!