Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Easy Lunch

Tonight Jere and I made "Rice Balls" for several of our up coming lunches this week and next week. As you can see, I am holding the booty. Jere and I put tuna mixed with cream cheese in the middle of our rice balls.

Here's the process for making them.

1 c. Rice
1.5 tbsp Rice Vinegar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar

1 can Tuna
1 oz Cream Cheese

1. Cook your rice (add a little extra water to make the rice really moist)
2. Put tuna and cream cheese in a bowl and heat till soft in microwave.
3. Use a glass bowl for the vinegar mixture (plastic is okay - just NO METAL)
4. Mix rice vinegar, sugar & salt (vinegar reacts to metal, making it taste really strong and gross)
5. Stir rice into mixture until shiny, but not soupy
6. Take a medium size coffee cup (12 oz) and line mug with plastic wrap, leaving ends out of cup.
7. Take rice mixture and fill half way up the mug. (make a dent in the rice for filling)
8. Put about 1-2 Tbsp of tuna mixture into the rice dent and cover with rice.
9. Take plastic wrap out of cup and twist plastic wrap to keep closed.
10. Put in fridge to force the rice to stick together.

2 large rice balls or 3 small rice balls per 1 cup of rice
Just eat it like an apple

One large rice ball should be good enough for my lunch.
To check out more on these tasty little treats go to:


The Daniel Den said...

Good job guys!! I look forward to trying this.

shawna said...


I can see Rex wanting me to put salmon and avocado in them. :)

dave & rachel said...

Looks good! I'll have to try these.

MagenRanae said...

This sounds really good! I want to try it now...but I'm not sure what I want to put in the middle! Did you like the tuna and cream cheese?

Reagan said...

Magen - the tuna and creamcheese is okay - the rice balls are good when they are warm rather than cold though!