Monday, July 9, 2012

Our New Townhome

We moved to a three bedroom town home yesterday. So those are pics of our new place, uncensored. I don't even care. I'm not unpacking and putting stuff away. :) All of our housing needs have been more than met through this process. I just found out that our things from permanent storage can be delivered to our new rental on July 18th! We thought it would be another week after that before it could happen. We also found a rental that's being rented for the first time. I fell in love right away. The owner has already moved so the house is empty and we can move in July 18th! Our lease starts August 1st but he doesn't want to charge us for anytime prior to August 1st! God has gone before us this whole time. I knew it would happen but it's been amazing to watch.

The pictures aren't in good order but I just want to say that the two full flights of stairs to the bedrooms are one reason why I am so thankful we'll be moving to our new rental in 9 days!