Sunday, June 10, 2012


I thought the day was going to start out great. It took over an hour to get us all ready to eat at the hotel restaurant. The thought was it would be the fastest way. But it took a toll on the kids, which has me crying when it's all said and done. I told myself while putting my minimal makeup on that I didn't want to cry today. The one goal I had, didn't happen. But at least I took a couple photos before all that.

Last night we were able to get the kids in the pool and hot tub for a swim. The pool is heated at 86 degrees and hot tub is nice and warm. We took a swim then had pizza delivered to our room. Bedtime came relatively early for the schedule we've had this past week and I think we all slept well. Hopefully the rest of today is better.


Jessie said...

When it's hard for the kids it's hard for the mama and vice verse-lots of emotions I am sure:( praying for you lady. Just keep taking it all one step at a time.