Friday, June 22, 2012

Tot Time Cafe

This morning we met up with our new friends (who we've played with five times now in the 10 days we've been here!) at Tot Time Cafe. Someone needs to open one in Topeka or Lawrence. There was a snack bar which featured kids snacks and lunch foods as well coffee (which was very tasty) and adult type foods. The play area was surrounded by a half wall which had a bar counter with stools around the outside so that moms can sit with coffee and talk but still keep a watchful eye. The place was big enough without being huge and didn't feel crowded to me even though there were quite a few kids. In the back corner there was a little boutique selling all sorts of homemade items. I ended up buying a binki clip for Ensley since she's been dropping or throwing hers in the car and then asks for it while I'm driving. I am not handing her a new one while driving any more with this new traffic. You pay for the amount of time you're there so I ended up paying for "all day play" for two kids which is a lower rate than one child at $15 total. Lots of stuff to do and relaxing because I could be near but not right with them. There was a little corner with chalk board walls and a picnic table too. Lots of fun! We were there for almost three hours. Definitely going back.


Jessie said...

I showed this picture to Giddy & he pointed to the last picture and said "that's Brighton and dats me." I almost cried :(
but that place looks awesome-so glad it was relaxing for you