Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Kids

I can now say that I've done it. Done the unthinkable. Ridden with two toddlers for 14 hours IN A VEHICLE with a total of 17 hours on a trip in one day. And they were incredible. We rotated activities but haven't even broken out the huge bag of toys I brought yet. Snacks, activity trays provided by Jessie, kids shows and naps all made the day bearable and in the last 30 minutes even I was done (the kids were still doing well!) and we were all chanting and clapping, asking daddy if we were almost there. I am really impressed by them and it makes me hopeful for our 10 hour driving day on Tuesday. Surely that'll be a breeze.


Shawna said...

We've found this to be true for ours too! We're DONE, completely done, long before they are. Kind of crazy.

Jessie said...

So glad they are doing well-the Lord is good.