Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Planning 4/26/10-5/2/10

Well last week was my first time menu planning in a long time. I planned every meal and it was nice knowing that we had the food in the house, all I had to do was prepare it. Since Jere's schedule is not normal like most people, I have to think about meals that are better for eating on the go when he's heading to class. Some days he comes home after work and other days he head straight to class from work. Last week it was nice to follow my menu exactly so I'm looking forward to doing it again.

T: coffee cake
W: coffee cake
TR: breakfast burritos
F: oatmeal
S: french toast
S: breakfast burritos

M: dijon salmon, salad, bread
T: leftover pesto pasta
W: calzone (from freezer), green beans, orange jello
TH: cheese sandwich, chips
F: salad, pb+j
S: blackbean dip, tortilla chips (p 348 simply in season)
S: fajitas (green pepper, onion, chicken, tortillas)

M: cheese sandwich, carrots, chips (J) pita chips + leftover bean dip (R)
T: honey baked lentils (from freezer), rice, salad
W: huge salad + some other stuff
TR: penne pasta, alfredo sauce w/chicken, green beans & bread
F: BBQ @ Bloom's
S: phad thai
S: leftovers (J) alex's wedding shower (R)