Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organization Needed

The past few weeks I've had several projects I wanted to complete. One was re-organizing the cabinet in our bathroom. The other was completely overhauling the closet in our bedroom. So here are a few pics. I like the towels displayed on the shelf rather than in the cabinet - it feels less empty now.

This is the cabinet in our bathroom. It's really deep and if I'm not careful it can get crazy really fast... I threw away two small trashcans of expired medicine and unused hair products.

And now our closet. There used to be two rods in there. One rod was mine, the other was Jere's. My rod was below his clothes but I took it down to make room for the wire cube organizer that I bought at Target. Jere has so many T-Shirts, I moved those to below the bed sliding drawers we have instead of hanging them. I moved my clothes up to his rod after going through everything and getting rid of quite a few things. I also moved my sweats to my under the bed drawer and realized just how many I have...Anyways I am liking the rearranging, it always feels so good!


Lynn said...

looks great! i have so much wasted space in my closet - do you mind the rod being so high?

Reagan said...

i dont mind it...im 5'5" and i have to reach, but its not bad.

Rachel said...

Looks great! Good use of space!