Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Shower Time

Today, I attended the second baby shower held for me. The first one was with my sweet co-workers. My sister Rachel hosted the shower for our family and a few friends at her house and did a great job of putting everything together.

My step mom Vicki, me, sister Rachel and my mom Sarah.

Jere's sister Resa, mom - Mary and Jere's grandma Sally. Our boy will be her first great grand baby and Mary's first grandchild!

Sarah, my roommate from college was able to come - I haven't seen her in a while! It was so nice to visit with her.

My sis in law Melodi, her mom Stephanie and her sis Gabrielle were able to come :)

There were several others who were able to come that had to leave early. These are a few of the big things we got - a pack n' play from my aunt Shelia and several cousins as well as a swing from Jere's grandma and grandpa. Everything was lovely :)

P.S. Today I am 35 weeks 4 days. Only about a month till his due date. I'm freaking out a little because one month will pass so quickly!


April Nienhuis said...

You know it's close to the baby getting here when you start having your showers! You look great and it sounds like you had a fun time :)

Rachel said...

I KNOW! You are getting soooo close! I hope you make it till after your NEXT shower... :)

Eryn said...

yeah for showers! are you getting everything you need?
you look GREAT! your haircut is so cute. is your hair blonder than in the past? not that i see you much...

Reagan said...

Eryn - my hair looks pretty blond in these pictures but i don't think it's that way in realy life. I actually just had some highlights put in on my crown :)