Friday, March 20, 2009

Las Vegas Day 1

We left for Vegas after work on Monday 3/16/09 and ended up getting in some quality time with my relatives instead of getting to bed. I don't know why I didn't look it up or realize that the time change would be two hours behind instead of one but we ended up heading to bed around 4am our time.

This picture is blurry but it's the first one we took in Vegas!

After getting checked into our room at the Venetian Hotel, we met up with my cousin Stefan and his fiance Megan. They drove over from San Diego to visit Vegas (and us) for a couple days :) We had such an awesome time and even though this was the first time for us to meet Megan it felt so natural. We wandered around looking for food and finally came across this restaurant located in the Wynn Hotel (where Stefan and Megan stayed). I was pretty hungry and ate a whole pizza by myself...

This picture was taken around 3:30am our time...

We thought it was a great way to start our trip!


Stefan said...

Reading over this makes me remember how much fun we had with you guys! A whirlwind of a trip - to say the least.