Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fitness Challenge

My employer, Treanor Architects offered a fitness challenge to it's employees for the months of June and July. We turned our minutes in yesterday and at first I was only going to turn in my minutes for July, but I submitted my minutes for June too wondering if they would take them. They didn't end up taking them because the minutes weren't specifically exercising for this challenge. I still thought it was interesting! Here are the breakdowns:
From everything I figured up, I had 5270 minutes of fitness for June. (the average is 3 hours a day and could be on the low side. Some days we were walking for 5-6 hours and other days not so much. But there is rafting, biking, swimming and climbing stairs included in that total!)
I had been keeping track of my fitness in July and the minutes weren't very high...589 minutes. Better than nothing! (the average is 30 minutes a day...but I definitely was not doing it everyday)

This video is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. You're supposed to sit there and think to yourself "Man...she is such a whimp why isn't she running up those 343 stairs?". It was hard, but I am sure you could do so much better!

Click here if the video doesn't work for you...