Monday, July 21, 2008

Pictures from my Past

Recently I found over a hundred mobile uploads from my past, up to the present. They have just been sitting in my account on Sprint's website. They only go back about three years, but I love finding this kind of thing and just thinking about way back when. They're not in any order.

Me, outside the Art building at KU

Me, in class at KU...probably Junior year in college.

Me, spring 2008. Just awake.

Colter in with no pants, outside.
My engagement ring, by itself.
Finish board for school.
Massive flock of birds while driving on the highway.
Jere's wound, three weeks after our marriage. Water skiing accident.
Wound, close up.

Pulling the bandaid back. I watched her stitch him up and it looked painful!

Some random, scary cat. I have no idea where this was or if I even took the photo. Maybe it's at Jere's parents house.

Me on Friday

My VERY beautiful sister Rachel

Laura, Me, Sarah

My beautiful sister, Ruth


rallywhit said...

oh I see how it is, you only have one beautiful sister!!


Reagan said...
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Angela said...

Flock of birds: scary.

Open wound: gross.

Your pigtails: adorable.

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