Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ottoman Needs Help.

I bought this ottoman off of Craigslist and I like it a lot. Especially since I only paid $35 for it. The fabric on this piece is special in it's own right. I will say that. But for my living room, it just doesn't fit. What kind of fabric should I use?? Micro suede? Corduroy? I am not sure exactly what I am going to do. Any ideas? I welcome anything you have. PLEASE!!!


Shawna said...

I think corduroy sounds good...maybe a chenille? I really like it, and think it will look great recovered.

I must say, I LOVE THE TRIM! I looks awesome.

Shawna said...

haha! I meant to say, *it* looks awesome. I do not..I am sitting here in my pj's with a bowl of ice cream. Not awesome at all. :)

dave & rachel said...

Very cute! You might just check out the JoAnn's clearance section in the back of the store (at least the store by me, anyway) because you can often find heavy fabrics for cheap back there. That's where I found the microfiber for my dining room chairs. It might provide some inspiration, anyway.