Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Our newest family member...

Jere and I picked her up from my dad and step-mom's house last night. She is going to live with us now. She seems to be excited about her new living situation so far - she has been sniffing and walking around curious about the house and the yard, while wagging her tail the whole time.
She is the 15.5 year old Cockerspaniel mix I got for my 9th birthday. I asked if we could get a dog on my birthday while my family was traveling in Canada. I remember we were driving in our Hunter Green Suburban and there was fog all around. The day was kinda dreary but in a good way (maybe that is why my favorite days are dreary) I asked if we could get a dog and I just remember my parents saying they would think about it. A little while after we got home from our trip, I reminded my parents of what they said. They had decided it was a go and so dad and I went to the animal shelter to pick out a dog. For some reason I was drawn to a small litter of yellow labs, but they were kinda yipping and excited and my dad was not impressed...He walked over and saw Lady sitting in her kennel by herself and asked "What about this one?". She was sitting there staring up at us kind of shaking and a little wet with huge brown eyes. At first I wasn't sure, but we got her out to say hi. I held her and we asked if she was a boy or girl. The attendant told us he thought she was a boy but then looked and said "Nope it's a girl". For some reason, I was strangely relieved. Maybe being at the age I was, I needed a girl dog not a boy dog? Anyways we took her home and I carried her around for about two weeks. She was three months old when we got her and she is a small dog. I am so glad we brought her home that day, and I am glad my dad guided me to choose her, it was a great choice!
Lady has grown up with my family and was there before my littlest brother was born. When my brother was a baby and after he started to walk, he would lay on her and pull her hair. She would just lay there just acting like "oh he's a baby, it's okay". When a big person would mess with her she would be more defensive...She is very special to us because of how sweet she has been. My siblings and I have always joked that Lady was our babysitter and would stick with us where ever we would go. (kinda like the nanny dog from Peter Pan)
I'm hoping some of her sweet personality will rub off on Zephyr (even though he is such a sweet, cuddly puppy). Right now we're just trying to keep him from getting all over her because he is so excited. Jere and I are excited to have her live with us, but it is strange to think about how we now have TWO dogs! :)


rallywhit said...

HI LADY BABY!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!