Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Schedule

Breakfast and Thanksgiving Day Parade at the Kempers (Jere's parents house).
In the afternoon we're driving to Wichita for dinner at 5pm with Mary's parents.

I am going sale shopping (never done this before) and then cooking with Vicki for Saturday's Wheeler family get together.

Thanksgiving lunch at 1pm
I am participating in a 2 mile walk with my sister Rachel at 5pm. We're going to decorate my nephew Colter's stroller with lights and fun stuff.


Chapel meetings.
1pm - get together with friend's from Lawrence for Thanksgiving.


The guys come to refinish the wood floors in the living room/dining room. I am so excited for refinished floors and carpet!


Lynn said...

Lots and lots of turkey!!!

Jessie said...

Wow that sounds really busy- I hope you have a great holiday weekend.