Wednesday, March 21, 2007

River Romping Day 2

Well today is the last day we spent in Texas. We went back to the river/hiking area and spent more time around the waterfall and rope swing that we found two days ago. We were able to take pictures with Rachel's camera...unfortunately, I lost my camera yesterday when we went to San Antonio and the river walk. It was a very sad day yesterday all around!
The first thing that happened to us when we went to the lake to go hiking was seeing a dog limping across the road. It was a black lab puppy and his back leg was not working...we think he was hit by a car. So we spent about an hour trying to get him to the right person to take care of him. After trying a vet clinic, and the police station, we were sent to the sheriff's office to talk to the animal control person in charge. He didn't have a chip and so we had to go through all of the loops to get someone who could take care of him. He was a sweet dog - I hope he's doing okay!

Today , after we dropped the puppy off we saw such amazing things in nature while hiking - it is just awesome to see God's hand in the formation of rocks and how the river flows. Everything was just beautiful :)

Ruth, Caleb and Jamie ran ahead and climbed up this hill with a slight cavernous area...Everything on the hike was very awesome.

I carried Colter in the pack the whole time we were out today (except for when he walked).

After hiking for a little while we went back to the rope swing that we found the other day and Ruth, Rachel, Jamie and Caleb swung out over the water...Ruth and Caleb swam but the water was really cold.

Jamie swinging out over the water.

Rachel swinging over the water.

Colter and I hung out and watched them do everything...
This is the waterfall that we visited the other day that we weren't able to photograph the other day. It was so fun to play on and around!
We spent about an hour hanging out around the waterfall.

After the waterfall we went hiking in the water and Colter got out of the pack and walked with us - he did really well in his power sandals! :)

Everyone got into the water, eventhough it was really cold...This is Jamie getting soaked!

We have had a really good time down here in Texas on spring break enjoying nature and spending time with each other...Back to school on Monday!


dave & rachel said...

Fun! It's awesome that you and your siblings have such a fun time together!